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Party on down, Anders

I might be old and sentimental or I might be an expat glorifying the mother-land. But the Danish general election just reassured me in democracy, even though the result might not be to everyones liking. The parties on the wings had success, as well as De Radikale, the liberal-left midlle-party. The liberal incumbent party Venstre and Statsminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen lost 4 seats, the conservative gained 3 and the old elephant the Social Democrats lost a staggering 5. shows a nice overview.

It seems to me that this will perhaps make Danish politics more pluralistic in the four years to come, as well as shake up some old parties to get up to speed with the looming challenges.

I'm still not too happy about foreign policy not being on the agenda - and my mother is as well I tell you... But hopefully it will be now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello there!
You talk about pluralism in Danish democracy, well the fact is that there is the lowest amount of different political groups in the Danish parliament for more than 30 or 35 years. Kristendemokraterne didn´t manage to stay, and CD didn´t get back in.
What was really needed was that one of the smaller middle-parties had won enough mandates to become the breaking point, concerning the majorityvotes. Then the primeminister wasn´t dependent on the far right party of the Danish political spectrum.
R has already said that they refuse to work together with the present government, so their nice election result is more or less without any importance to the real world.
Well lets hope that the future elections will bring real political pluralism!
Mads Kromann

9/2/05 16:45


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