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Latest chapter in the debacle

An interesting Lessons-Learned from one of the people behind

It seems as if the desire for a 5th power-structure in society is genuine. And so is the fact that even students of rhetoric or communication are only able to criticise what they see and have a knowledge about - and in my opinion much of the spin going on is a question of power and the use of it.

Another article on Kommunikationsforum is dealing with the lack of knowledge on how effective spin and PR actually are. And how PR-people lacks self-irony because they lack confidence in themselves and their methods. Rhetoricians might not be as hit by that criticism because of an anchor-point in humanism and not i social sciences - but effect is still quite a mystery to them.

In the next election race it would be okay to talk some content as well. (And here I sin against ol' Jørgen Fafner, by seperating form and content...)


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