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Eject! Eject! Ahh, never mind...

As discussed before here the involvement in Iraq hasn't really been on the agenda so far in the debate around the Danish election. But yesterday the opposition leader Mogens Lykketoft aired the view that the Danish contingent should be detatched from the coalition and that the focus should be shifted towards humanitarian efforts.

This must be a totally cost-free piece of election glitter. Socialdemokraterne probably know that it would be totally impossible to have a military mission in Iraq outside the Coalition's. Furthermore they take the humanitarian NGOs as media hostages by saying that they should play a bigger role - while knowing that they wouldn't work without or even under military protection.

The issue should be debated, but couldn't some of the parties find a decent way to do it, taking the matter seriously? S is scrambling for the eject-button, knowing that it all will be forgotten when the mandate is going to be renegotiated in July.


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