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There's something electing in Denmark

The General Election has been called in Denmark and not many doubt that the liberal party Venstre will win that one. I just surfed by today and was amazed at how many clever people they got observing - this could really be an important addition to the election and I will be following them close.

At the same time the subtle connection from the name - spin control - to the world of automotive transportation dawned on me :) Well there you have a failure of past governments to report: they haven't put the conditions in place for making me want or able to buy a car...

UPDATE just removed a posting on graphics on the TV-Channel TV2 that was deemed misleading without explanation. Hmmm.

Well, as Thomas' comment pointed out, its still there. It was just taken down, revised (e.g. the focus of the criticism changed) and put up again (under a new name?). Not a big deal of course. But interesting how blogging just seems to be the perfect medium for launching your half-baked watch-dog musings :)


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If not, what did it say?

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