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Open Source Intelligence and post-combat stabilisation

It seems that it is hard to move from peace to war when all you wanna do is fight the bad guys with weapon in hand.

At least the Defence Science Board observes that the US Army post-conflict abilities are flawed in a recent report to the Pentagon. They also touch upon the role of OSINT and post-combat stabilisation. They make this very interesting observation:

"Open sources can provide much of the information required to support peacetime needs and stabilization and reconstruction operations. They could be utilized to better effect, however. It is almost always the case that, because anyone can do open source analysis, no one really does it. Or, at least no one does it really well." (147)

Well, this seems to me to be an obvious task for resource-weak intelligence-services like Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste, as discussed before on these pages. This would mean moving to strengthen a sort of journalistic capability among the pool of operatives.


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