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Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste is going on-line

As forewarned in the recent revision of the Danish intelligence service Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste (FE) it will open a homepage on Wednesday the 15th. This is done to signal openness and it will publish open and unclassified assessments and reports. Furthermore the service has intensified its cooperation with academicians and will publish an annual, open report. The Danish daily Berlingske Tidende writes about it here (Thanks to the young, beautiful and the gifted in Denmark for the tip).

This is a very exciting turn, seen here from the bell-tower in London - and I'll be tuned in on Wednesday. Of course it means that I can't do research on why it should be more open, but on the other hand it will open the possibility to look at how this openness detract or adds to the operational effectiveness of the service - if this will have any influence, that is.

The Social Democrats calls for investigations into FE in today's issue of Berlingske Tidende, to assess its effectiveness. Could be another interesting development, but hopefully all this investigation doesn't destroy the morale further in the service - it's just another workplace after all.


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