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I love language

Yes I do!

I have been pondering a certain thing - to do it or not to do it - for a long time (Yeah, I'm sorry for the cryptic abstraction, but it's kind of a christmas-secret you know). Today I met a jolly ol' chum o' mine down by the department of War Studies. I told him of my grief and he voiced his view on it - by using a fictive example of what this might lead to. That picture just stuck in my head and suddenly solved the riddle, untied the knot.

And unhelpably academically nerded down as I am at the time (after writing for two months straight) I can't just say "Whoa, that guy really solved the problem for me" - but need to abstract it and see how constituive that kind of linguistic negotiation work is for our mental picture of our selves and this beautiful, pre-christmas world that we live in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a strong believer in doing it - albeit oblivious to your dilemma. I figure that if we really did not want to do it, there would be no doubt in our minds. But often the things we really want to do carries unforeseeable sideaffects with them; if we fear the side effects more than we long to follow our desires, those fears stops us from doing what we want.
Keep up the x-mas spirit!

15/12/04 14:01


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