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Battlefield Intelligence Units

An interesting twist to the US Intelligence Community (that I didn't get around to when the news came out) : Rumsfeld's Department of Defence has fielded its own intelligence operatives, working in conjunction with SFs in counter-terrorism operations, The New York Times reports.

This is allegedly done to strengthen HUMINT capabilities. But it is also the latest spark to fly of the DoD - CIA infight:

"intelligence experts say creation of unit is latest chapter in turf battle between Defense Dept and CIA; battle has intensified since 9/11 comnmission [sic!] recommended creating job of national intelligence director to oversee all intelligence programs; CIA is concerned that expanded Pentagon role in intelligence-gathering could escape strict Congressional oversight".

This infighting is not only an American phenomenon; however it seems to me that the trend is that the armed forces have a certain disdain for the Ministry of Defence related intelligence services.

In Britain Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) is rumoured to be seen as aloof and incompetent and the Danish Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste (FE) has had the same criticism levelled at it (the two not being comparable when it comes to assets and capabilities, mind you).


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