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Ukes for troops

The Ukulele is a strange little instrument, much ridiculed and occupying a place below that of other paria strings like the banjo and the lute. However, it is also a very nice little fella that is easy to transport and is guaranteed to make a happy sound. I have bought one, now only remains to get time to learn to play it...

The little happy instrument-thing is probably why some American women has thought up an idea to send ukes to soldiers - the Ukes for troops project. Thanks to Nate for the link...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Et usædvanligt 8-mands ukulele band :

14/11/06 20:01

Blogger Nis said...

Ja, ukulele-spillere er meget bevidste om at de skal kæmpe for sejhedsfaktoren - hør fx en samling af rock n' roll, punk og metal-sange spillet på ukulele her:

15/11/06 12:11


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