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OSINF over-eating

The OSINT guru Robert Steele has an interesting feature on his site - a Public Daily Brief. It is more or less a low-tech version of SiloBreaker or an advanced news-ticker. But running news in 3+1 windows are a dizzying information buffet.

Robert Steel propagates his idea of public intelligence. It is provocative but the thought of a "world brain" is never the less tempting me with its siren-song of effective OS intelligence, linking individuals and organisations together in a living, organic network of knowledge, creating intelligence.


Anonymous Steven Jones said...

Low tech of Silobreaker.... come on.. Its like comparing an aicraft with a wheel chair.... sigh...

1/11/06 19:23

Anonymous J Green said...

What crap PDB is and to compare it with smart tools.. !

Silobreaker, ClearForest , Factiva 2.0 and other verndors providestools and sources for intelligence. This guy Steel provides information overload.

And the idea of Public Intelligence is already working in the teenage and intrest communities around the world. Steel must be an old school. Is he a retired/retarded military?

1/11/06 19:31

Blogger Nis said...

Yeah, you're right. It's basically a news-ticker. But initially I thought there were more to it. However, I still like the visual style - hence the title.

The public intelligence thought is already working, right. But it hasn't been coupled in any smart with the established military/governmental effort in intelligence. And I think that is where the good mr. Steele has his merits.

2/11/06 08:44


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