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Silobreaker - Open Source Intelligence

Yesterday I was made aware of the Open Source Intelligence softwareSilobreaker. Silobreaker is an interesting internet search-engine and news aggregator designed for OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)collection and analysis. On their homepage you can get a free trial, and I took the offer.

The system works by trawling and aggregating a lot of open news. Where it gets interesting, is the features that you can use to make sense of all that information and order it. One of the neat features is that you can make an analysis chart, linking all the mentioned places, people and companies in one or more articles. You can then add to this from the next article in a web-like manner.

The Silobreaker also lets you see chain of events. However this feature would use a bit of work, as it is rather erratic, failing to make longer historical leaps. This is probably not a problem with fast evovlving events, but could be a bit cumbersome if you research events stretched over a longer time.

All in all it is most interesting - and having a web-based interface it is easy to pick up and go - I was searching 3 minutes after I had signed up for the free trial.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hej Nis, fed site... tror det kan blive et godt værktøj


17/10/06 11:11


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