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Leaking intelligence papers in Denmark

As a part of the on-going investigation into a suspected terror-cell that was arrested last week, the Danish Civil Defence laboratories have made an analysis of liquid from the apartment (that turned out to be triacetone triperoxide, TATP).

However, this came to the public's knowledge after papers were "found outside the laboratory by an unnamed man and turned over to the tabloid BT". The Civil Defence officials are most astounded how this could happen and they say that they are most sorry. But if this hadn't been Denmark, it would reek of being a selectively leaked story. It fits perfectly with a new news-week starting monday morning, in a week where the police will be under pressure to prove a grounded motive and plot. The paper re-frames the discussion and ads to the public's conviction.

But before crying "Conspiracy" we should remember the incident in the 1980s, where a NATO officer was dining at a hot-dog stand (the fabled "Pølsevogn" that roams Copenhagen) and forgot his briefcase with plans for NATO invasion contingencies. Strange things just happens out of the blue. And who knows? Perhaps there was an open window in the Civil Defence Lab, whence the paper blew?


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