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Hezbollah's Rocket Strategy

It might be a little late for that, but as I am slowly getting a grip on how Hezbollah thoroughly has "rhetoricised" their entire strategy, I just fell over a Jamestown Foundation article on the Hezbollah Rocket Strategy.

By using the Katyusha rockets - which are small, "dumb" rockets with no guidance and a limited range - single-wise instead of launching them in an area attacking volley as they were meant to, they have turned a short range rocket from a tactical weapon into a strategic weapon of terror.

The hit-and-run use of rockets did put Israel into a situation where they had to respond in force, yet without being able to hit effectively at the cell structure of Hezbollah and conversely seeming unable to stop the "strategic bombings". As the article predicted, this has put Hezbollah into an advantageous diplomatic situation. An interesting example of how a creative (albeit not new in the Middle East) use of a weapon will enable an entity to send signals that would otherwise have taken an airforce or strategic missile capability.


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