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Iran, China and Hezbollah: At sea

I think one of the most spectacular military turns in the recent conflict between Hezbollah and Israel was when Hezbollah fired a Anti-ship cruse missile (ASCM) and damaged an Israeli corvette.

That episode reeked of old-style naval combat like nothing seen since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 (where a few ASCMs were fired at ports in Kuwait).

Now the blog "Eaglespeak" reports a bit on the circumstances. China has had a strategic cooperation with Iran for quite some time (as reported by the Jamestown Foundation), and this resulted in bringing C-802 ASCMs into Hezbollah's hands - probably the most powerful weapon utilised for a while by a guerilla movement. Read about it here.


Anonymous Karl Martell said...

It was probably operated by Iranian or other foreign agents. I doubt even Hizbollah could be trained to operate high-tech weaponary.

21/8/06 21:51

Blogger Nis said...

Well, they should be able to find someone with the skills to be able to recieve and grasp training - but I very much concur, I think that Iran has given a helping hand. And China probably isn't too sad either getting some real live action tests of their ASCM's.

23/8/06 11:42


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