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Weak states and strong states: Effects based operations

John Robb at the Global Guerillas put it much clearer than I could do on the subject of why strong states can be powerless in all their power over weak states. He pinpoints it in the concept of Effects Based Operations.

By using Effects Based Operations (EBO) like bombing power-stations and roads they use a strategy that is developed to target a state and its workings, and Israel inadvertedly helps non-state groups: "the effects generated in this situation are likely only to strengthen Israel's non-state enemies".

This only underscores how the World's militaries haven't grasped the reality of the new kind of warfare. How do you do Effects Based Operations against non-state groups? Well, my guess is that it isn't from the air and it isn't by destroying the frail trappings of a helpless state, which will only plant the seeds for more long-term despair, criminality and insurgency.


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