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Fighting in Afghanistan overtakes Iraq in intensity

A video-phone clip shows British III Paras in firefights in Afghanistan. A British general warns that the fighting in Afghanistan has overtaken the fighting in Iraq in intensity and states that it is the most dogged fighting done by British infantry since Korea.

It is interesting that the general is in a situation where he can use a double comparison to underscore the intensity. As a rhetorical function, the comparison, the analogy and the example are some of the most effective figures for us to understand something in connection to something else. That and a grainy video showing bullets flying and bombs being dropped.


Anonymous falkeøje said...

USA har neutronbomben.
Den ødelægger ikke så meget, men dræber alt levende.
Hvorfor bruger man ikke den og sparer mange allierede soldaters liv?


8/9/06 14:23


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