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"Active measures" in London

It certainly seems that the alledged poisoning of defector Alexander Litvinenko is a signature KGB/FSB action - an "active measure" as it is called.

Other Putin-hostile individuals have been targeted by poison in that way, among those Ukrainian politician Victor Yushchenko.

But why use poison? And why use a rare and exotic thing like the heavy metal thallium? Wouldn't it be easier to shoot people in the head, Anna Politkovskaya style? Well, at least there is a symbolic reason: you hint that an advanced and sophisticated organisation is behind and it reawakens the fear of the all-powerful intelligence service. If that is a message that Putin would want to send, he has succeeded.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I want to open your mind to a possibility that exists. The KGB/FSA typically silence those whom speak out silently. Why would they martyr someone? It would only give them more power and more influence. I want you think think about another power in this situation, the British. Putin is indeed a scumbag, and as he is increasing military production and manpower, he is threatening Brits' security. So much so that the MI-5 would indeed martyr a popular, outspoken man to bring attention to Putin.

The Russians are well known for keeping their assassinations quiet as they do not want people to become martyrs, but rather to disappear. Do not believe all you hear my friend. Active measures are indeed underway in London, and have been for decades, but this is the clear work of the British Intelligence.

26/9/07 19:25


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