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Mac helps me think

Mac OS X lets you mark files with colour and write comments for them.

Now working on my second 60+ references dissertation I have realised how satisfying it is to mark the files you have read with your grading of their quality (green=good, red=rubbish) - and less inspiring to see all that blue which means "To be read ASAP"


Blogger tigerstriben said...

Hey, total "dæk-og-fælge"-spark! Den feature skal du lige vise mig en...

10/1/06 23:20

Blogger tigerstriben said...


10/1/06 23:20

Blogger joeybrooks7503 said...

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12/1/06 06:00

Blogger Nate said...

You stole my idea! Thieven' Dane!

16/1/06 10:05

Blogger Nis said...

Well Nate, all respect is due. You taught me the trick, alright, and I have carried the torch to dark northerly lands.

On another note - I think I would use the colourgrade-system to mark topics instead of quality next time around. I think you did that?

19/1/06 10:06

Blogger Nate said...

I say no. You could group them in folders for topic, e.g. Folder "Iran" Sub-folder "Nuclear Program" then usefulness. But that's just me.

20/1/06 06:00


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