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The Best and the Worst - Part II

Studying in London...

The best is going to a lecture by some guy who actually published a book and who is seen as a world class expert - but it is worse to realise that men are just men and that world class experts can be mediocre lecturerers.

The best is feeling a sting of Britishness coming on when the air of OxBridge and the classical English education tradition blows through the University halls in mis-matched suit and a wise gaze over the spectacles. The worst is that I still to this day cannot spell 'sovereignty' right in the first go. Soverignty... Souvreignty... Sovereignity...

The best is getting new friends and remembering that friend-material is constant all over the world - you make friends with the same people here as you would have there. The worst is that all the same chances pass you by whereever you are - the things you don't do here is the same things you don't do there.


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