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'Wiki' is supposedly the hawaiian word for 'quick' and is the craze on the internet in the form of user-built databases, such as Wikipedia or Wikinews.

How about making wiki-intelligence? That would be the first step toward the citizen-intelligence envisioned by the american writer Robert Steele. Imagine a homepage where you could put up a request for information about a subject, more or less specific, fx about who enters and leaves a house, what is stirring in extremist circles in Sheffield or the specifications of a airplane. People with relevant information could then help you out, others could try to oppose and disinform you - just like ordinary intelligence - and the ones you target would be able to know. Its not really intelligence in the way we know it, but it is interesting.

A good example of Wiki-intelligence is here - where an internet scammer is scammed by a cooperative effort across the Atlantic.


Blogger sesto callende said...

that would be the day. thanks for sharing the link.


24/8/05 23:12

Blogger Nate said...

Check out smart mob on Wikipedia. Also, I had some thoughts I put down at my blog. Great idea.

26/8/05 23:03

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