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The Dispute over Hans Island/Hans Ø

The arctic area is heating up with a conflict between Canada and Denmark over the tiny island Hans Ø/Island.

The Canadian American Strategic Review has posted a long article with the rather bombastic name: Threats to Canada's Arctic Sovereignty - Denmark's Claims in the Arctic - Strategic Resources in the Arctic

It takes quite the realist view and analyses that Denmark is beefing up claims because it senses that Canada is weak in protecting its arctic areas. They have quite a comprehensive description of the Danish forces in the area - right down to what kind of small arms and calibers they use.

"Canada must take decisive actions now in order to build an unassailable claim to the islands and the waterways of the Arctic Archipelago. Many ministries ? including the Department of National Defence ? will need to work together to weave an airtight case for Canadian claims to the High Arctic."

Well, it might be unpatriotic but I am rather more amused about the prospects of the 'Radio Free Hans Island' than who has got the biggest arctic muscle.


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