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Counter Insurgency Theory - now in my own backyard

'For terrorists, the core mechanism of terrorism is psychological: the killing of innocents is not a goal in itself, but rather a tool for creating fear. After a 'successful' terror attack, a terrorist may announce that another attack is on its way in order to create new fears - which, in turn, changes the public's way-of-life patterns. This is intensified by the randomness of the action. Counterterrorism must not only attempt to allay this fear but also to ensure the proper messaging is relayed to the target audience in the population.'

And reading my Counter-terror theory I just looked up, out at the London skyline and realised that I had become a 'target audience' in more than one way. Strange, I have always visualised Malaysia or Iraq when thinking CI...

O'Brien, Kevin A, Izhar Lev, "Information operations and counterrerrorism" in Jane?s Intelligence Review, September 01, 2002


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