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The Best and the Worst

Having turned in my dissertation yesterday (yay!) and flying out later today (huhu!), there is only left to paraphrase Charles Bukowski and Søren Ulrik Thomsen and exclaim "The best and the worst" - Part One: Wolfson House

The best is the view from 14th floor. The worst is when that Chinese guy pees on the same spot on the floor - EVERY time.

The best is returning from Borough Market in the winter with a fresh chocolate brownie and a buzz from warm cider. The worst is some guy's bag from Tesco in the fridge that you watch go brown and rot until you finally throw it out in anger.

The best is finding out you can catch internet through the window in your squalid room - thereby increasing its value by 200%. The worst is being woken in the night by somebody slamming the front door, slamming the hallway door, slamming a room door - twice - then the toilet door one time and again, the room door one final time. Then the room door from someone who was woken by the racket slams, then the toilet door. Continue ad infinitum...


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