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Nuclear Spring (and levers)

Over the last few months I have had the dubious joy of hearing a number of lectures on nuclear technology, with focus on 'Dirty Bombs'. And that is nasty stuff, though it might not all be so dangerous as you might think.

The stockpiles in the hands of the various states might be overlooked while all eyes are on terrorists. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have devised a Doomsday Clock that shows how close we are to nuclear midnight and it has 'run' since 1947(I wonder if that was the inspiration for Iron Maiden's classic song "2 minutes to midnight").

On another note alltogether: The Doomsday Clock is a perfect metaphor for PR uses. Having a 'clock' like this is the wet dream of any NGO wishing for media attention. Of course you can't go around adjusting it all the time (2002 was the last time) as it will lose its symbolic power, but WHEN you do, your are sure to get a lot of press, as the imagery is so vivid.


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we are waiting for some photos!

(your blog is very intresting...!)

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