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How to play with the big girls

A recent news-flash on the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affair's homepage describes the foreign minister's meeting with Condi Rice, Senator McCain og Security Advisor Hadley.

It is an interesting look into how high-level diplomacy is conducted between a small power like Denmark and the Mono-Super-Power. Because - to be honest - it seems from the summary that the Danish foreign Minister Per Stig Møller was talked TO more than talked WITH. However the Danish influence on the Baltic states was noted, as was the participation in the Iraq war. Hard power in other words. But the Danish government really want to exert soft power as well. They have launched the 39plan - a list of 39 areas where EU-US could work more closely together.

UK has its 'special relationship' myth - the co-cultural and foreign political worldview of the two biggest Anglo Saxon countries. Is the current Danish government working deliberately to strengthen its niche in the relationship? And is the Foreign Ministry?


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