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Playing with the big girls, Part II

One of the main arguments for the recent Danish political and military turn towards a more active use of rapid and flexible forces is that this might give Denmark political influence on policy-forming before, during and after a conflict. Reuter now reports that the the US might let allies in on strategy forming.

It will be interesting to see whether Denmark, a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and participant in the coalition of the willing, will be invited.

Actually this could to a large extend to be seen as a 'make-or-break' for the recent reliance on USA over NATO in Danish security policy.


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hey Nis!
i'm back home in milan, tired but happy. london is always great... i had a very good time in the city (camden town is the best place in the world! go on saturday to have a look) and our chat has been very intresting and exciting. i hope to see you again, another climate for sure, and also during a longer holyday, so i won't be worried about time running out.
aren't you wandering about an italian tour?

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