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The Tulip Revolution

As I mused over earlier in this blog (Defining 'Revolution': Info-War in Kyrgyzstan), it seems that a decent, popular revolution needs a symbolic signifier if it is to stand a chance of staying peaceful and not cross the line into traditional 'revolution'.

I predicted that the civil movement in Kyrgyzstan would also need to find a name - an it seems they did, the tulip revolution or the yellow revolution.

With that prediction out of the way, I just can't help thinking that the templates of these uprisings are very similar - and if their linguistic news-buzz will last yet another season. It also seems that Kyrgystan might be a very different case indeed. EurasiaNet reports :

"The Kyrgyzstani uprising may already have a name ? called the Tulip Revolution in tribute to the country?s wide variety of tulip species ? but other opposition members are opting to keep their heads low. In remarks to journalists in Bishkek on December 13, several opposition members of parliament fell largely in line with Akayev on the undesirability of a Rose or Orange Revolution in Kyrgyzstan. 'We do not welcome the current events in Ukraine. We are against conducting a Tulip Revolution here in Kyrgyzstan since it will lead to instability in the country?s government structures,' the news agency AKI Press quoted the eight opposition members as saying."


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