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The open society and it's enemies

Coming from a country with a well developed and functioning central registry of all citizens it is a thought-provoking experience to walk down Strand, London, enter a random shop selling mobiles and experiencing being, well, just anonymous. No call, no internet search can track me down. I am a blank page, a 404 failure message. I can't get a mobile, but I am also able to escape all scrutiny from society.

This experience must have been what Muhammad Atta (one of the mainmen behind 9/11) and his compadres must have felt when filtering into USA. And exactly the feeling that governments all over are trying to eliminate in these years, with new passports and tightened security.

I'll get my mobile, some way or another, and I will be a good citizen and get registered in society really quickly. Meanwhile Danes and others should hurry and allow them selves to experience anonymity - even if just for a little while.


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