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As Sahab video explaining the attack on the Danish Embassy

As Sahab, the professional AQ media outlet has released a video, detailing the attack on the Danish embassy in Karachi. They advertise for it using this nifty banner:

The video itself (as always hard to come by if you're late) shows various clips, including ones with the illustrator Kurt Vestergaard, the suicide bomber involved in the plot and Mustafa Abu al-Yazid (who were alledgedly killed earlier this year - and was behind the attack).

You can see the thumbs from the video here:

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The symbolics of the Iraq war

In Denmark we have our own emblematic images of the Iraq and Afghanistan war, most notably the pictures of Danish soldiers handing over prisoners of war to American soldiers in Afghanistan.

But on the internet lives a visual culture, that I tip will be THE visual symbolics once the last troops have disappeared from between the Eufrat and the Tigris. I am of course refering to the insurgency videos that are available, like this one showing a Chinook being shot down. It is hauting images that underscores the grim reality that we are too quick to forget here in Denmark, with a soundtrack of eerie male singing in arabic or farsi. When watching it, consider the symbolism that's in a silhouette of a Chinook helicopter seen from the ground, by the way. It is not hard to see, in a Freudian way, why someone should see them as tools of an invading force (dot dot dot).