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Terrorism in Denmark in Global Terrorism Database

A new database lists all terrorist "events" since 1970 and it is impressive how much information you can find.

My first search, of course, was for terrorism in Denmark. And alas! With 42 incidents since 1970 we are very well represented (Germany had 10 times the number of incidents but 16 times the population). It is quite surprising to see what groups have ployed their trade of bombing, shooting and burning in Denmark: Bandidos, anarchists, Kurdish Workers Party, Iranian exiles, Kurdish separatists, a group called "Soldiers of Truth", Islamic Jihad, Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia, Ninth of June Organization, Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia.

The Biker War of the 90's has resulted in quite a number of incidents - and you could discuss whether this is terrorism or crime - but so has the various left-leaning incidents in the 1980s.

You can visit the database here:

GTD1 Home Page


A quick war in the basement

Recently Estonia had a real e-election, taking the logical consequence of the web and crucible of democracy. And then they experienced a massive cyber-attack, most likely originating from Russia. Slate Magazine writes a bit on

What the attacks on Estonia have taught us about online combat.

In cyberspace all those international relation regulators and reflexes that keeps the worlds somewhat in balance, doesn't exist. So it is a rennaisance-Italy'esqe battlefield without real regulations, directions or anything. Interesting that we don't really have any real national force to protect us from the uglies that might crop up...



Private intelligence companies goes strategic

It is nothing new that large, global companies have their own security organisations that tries to secure assets on a local level, working tactically with a strategic overview. Shell, BP, Maersk and others do this. This, of course, entails a bit of intelligence work. But a global, strategic intelligence service? It seems that

Wal-Mart is building one.

At a first glance there shouldn't be too much in the way of ethics against this. As a company would only try to protect its own assets and interests. But as a notorious super-capitalist company, surviving on providing the lowest possible prices by pressuring providers and employees alike, the commercial takes on a political slant, almost. And Wall-mart has already been under fire for surveillance and intimidation of dissidents, critics and employees. So if you had an effective intelligence organisation, coupled with some kind of physical protection force, and work in a number of the world's developing countries, wouldn't it be obvious that you would try to get leverage this way? It seems so.



Diesel Subs are back, And you know they can never be wack

With the wit of the Fat Boys, the Diesel Subs are back. A lot of Danish Naval officers were cross when the Danish submarines were phased out and the obligation to buy the new Scandinavian Viking Sub project were scrapped. They are probably not gonna be happier when they read this article in the Defense Technology International, detailing how Diesel Subs are back in vogue, with a new focus on littoral warfare.

A thing that was discussed very much when the Danish subs were phased out, was that the loss of experience would be the biggest loss. If this trend continues, the Army/Navy high command and the politicians might have a chance to jump right back into the diesel sub before all the old submariners are retired.