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Private intelligence companies goes strategic

It is nothing new that large, global companies have their own security organisations that tries to secure assets on a local level, working tactically with a strategic overview. Shell, BP, Maersk and others do this. This, of course, entails a bit of intelligence work. But a global, strategic intelligence service? It seems that

Wal-Mart is building one.

At a first glance there shouldn't be too much in the way of ethics against this. As a company would only try to protect its own assets and interests. But as a notorious super-capitalist company, surviving on providing the lowest possible prices by pressuring providers and employees alike, the commercial takes on a political slant, almost. And Wall-mart has already been under fire for surveillance and intimidation of dissidents, critics and employees. So if you had an effective intelligence organisation, coupled with some kind of physical protection force, and work in a number of the world's developing countries, wouldn't it be obvious that you would try to get leverage this way? It seems so.



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