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Leading questions

Chris Matthews interviewing the room-mate suite-mate of the Virginia Tech shooter is about the worst piece of journalist interview I've seen this year.

Shooter's roommate speaks (Scroll down).

Matthews bangs on on three subjects of note, that would make the killings fit a typical school shooting/decadent youth/crazy cotton-coat mafia scare-mould:

* Didn't he play some Counter-strike?
* Didn't he have some problems with girls?
* You won't say, but I bet you guys were mean to him, weren't you?

The suite-mate does a good job, not stepping into all of Matthew's puddles. In the end of the interview Matthew reveals his true colours: Talk TV host disguising as a journalist seeking to understand the truth. It's okay to have opinions and prejudices, but - and I might be old-fashioned - you shouldn't pass it off as journalism.



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