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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessing to all terrorism in the world, period

It seems that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was quite a boon for the US effort against terrorism when captured, has taken the credit for all major terrorist attacks in a long time.

However, there are several reasons to be a bit critical about that. Of course Al Qaeda was a bit more structured prior to 9/11, but still, the plots that Mohammed claims to be a part of has been carried out by disparate cells, aligned with different groups in the AQ network.

Wired has a very interesting article on the "confession" - providing this interesting parallel:

"Ronald "Wee-Bey" Price -- soldier to Baltimore drug lord Avon Barksdale -- gets nailed for a murder. He knows he's headed to jail for a long, long time. So he confesses to crime after crime after crime, in order to protect the rest of the Barksdale crew from homicide raps.

The police know the confessions are all wrong; Wee-Bey screws up some of the cases' key facts. But there's nothing they can do; they've "solved" a slew of murders, all at once."

Mohammeds confessions are candy in a political sense, but probably empty calories when it comes to intelligence or the juridical side of things.



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