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Terrorism in Denmark in Global Terrorism Database

A new database lists all terrorist "events" since 1970 and it is impressive how much information you can find.

My first search, of course, was for terrorism in Denmark. And alas! With 42 incidents since 1970 we are very well represented (Germany had 10 times the number of incidents but 16 times the population). It is quite surprising to see what groups have ployed their trade of bombing, shooting and burning in Denmark: Bandidos, anarchists, Kurdish Workers Party, Iranian exiles, Kurdish separatists, a group called "Soldiers of Truth", Islamic Jihad, Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia, Ninth of June Organization, Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia.

The Biker War of the 90's has resulted in quite a number of incidents - and you could discuss whether this is terrorism or crime - but so has the various left-leaning incidents in the 1980s.

You can visit the database here:

GTD1 Home Page


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