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Danish UAVs to be resold as spareparts

At the moment there is an exploratory work going on in the Danish parliament to sort out the blame in the farcical case of the Danish Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. A number of UAVs were bought from the French SAGEM. The type SPERWER (or "Tårnfalken" in Danish) has been bought by a number of other countries and even operated in Afghanistan by Canadian forces. In Denmark it was recently decided to scrap all of them (10 or more), without ever having had them in operational status.

That has been a little venture of 436 million Danish crowns all in all.

Now minister of Defence Søren Gade hopes to soften the hard landing by selling the UAVs off as spareparts, to Canada among others.

I wrote something about the "Tårnfalken" project here in an essay on Denmark and the revolution in military affairs.


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