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Rumsfeld's Roadmap to INFOOPS

In January this year, the National Security Archive under the George Washington University got hold of a copy of the DOD's Roadmap to Information Operations.

With the typical alarmism informing many scholars, this is called a roadmap to propaganda on the ground that it states that there must be boundaries between what foreign audiences recieve and what the national audience hear - but does not specify how those boundaries must be set.

We have a double problem here: First of all that the Security Archive people are so disturbed by this lack of boundary-setting, second because the DOD really thinks that it can set such boundaries. What is leaked in Iraq to a local newspaper will be on the net in no time and then on to New York Times. This is one of the main challenges to Information Operations thinking - and underscores my point that only IO build on sound "virtue" is a real long-term capability.


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