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Information Operations Textbook

The other day I bought the most recent textbook on Information Operations (IO) which is the topic of my dissertation.

Armistead, Leigh (Ed.), Information Operations. Warfare and the Hard Reality of Soft Power, (Dulles: Brassey?s, 2004)

I haven't quite decided if I like it yet, as it balances on the delicate edge of banality (the figures are ripped right out of power-point presentations, complete with corny Word98 clipart). In its places however it is certainly an authority and the writers behind it are very knowledgeable.

But now I just discovered it in a draft version on the Internet - in keeping with all the prophesies in the book about Information Revolutions... Read it here before you buy - it seems as if it is the same version as the book.

Information Operations. The Hard Reality of Soft Power (PDF). Notice the strange rerouting over Google.


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