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Chapter VI 1/2 peacekeeping

Today that good ol' paper New York Times has an article on U.N. Peace Keeping in Congo. The UN is beefing up its peace missions from 'keeping' to 'enforcement' which means much more agressive missions.

Compare this with the U.N. mission in the Balkans:

'As they root out the insurgents who prey on Ituri's population, United Nations soldiers in the east have at their disposal tanks, armored personnel carriers, Mi-25 attack helicopters, mortars and rocket-propelled grenade launchers - all of which are getting heavy use.

"It may look like war but it's peacekeeping," said Lt. Gen. Babacar Gaye of Senegal, the force commander in Congo, of the largest and most robust of the 18 United Nations peacekeeping operations around the world.'


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