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We are a Core, they are the Gap

I can't help it! I love quirky theories. I might not even be at ease with strategic studies yet, but I love finding new stuff that complements, contradicts and circles it.

Now I found a thing that might complement the discussion on RMA and the political/rhetorical uses of this.

Take a taste of this:

"The worst thing that can happen to a military is that they win a war because then they sit on their mountain top and ecpect that it is going to last for ever - until somebody bonks them over the head. The best thing that can happen is that they lose a war, because then they really learn something".

The magnificent Danish political magazine RÆSON brings an interview ("A hammer looking for nails" - a brilliant metaphor :) ) with Thomas P.M. Barnett who is Senior Strategic Researcher and Professor at U.S. Naval War College. It is downloadable in an English PDF version as well.

Barnetts constructive metaphor is the one of a Core and a Gap. The Core is the integrated states clinging together, the Gap are all those who don't. Barnett's strategy is simple: shrink the gap, integrate the states. This takes both military power and development.

He makes some pretty thought-provoking statements and this certainly opens new questions on how the US is going to legitimize its policy.


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