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Azzam the American

A lot of people would say that we live in a uni-polar world with USA as the only superpower. I say: heck, we're not. Or at least if we are, USA is King Kong with a lot of aggressive biplanes swarming around him.

The latest example of this assymetrical threat is a video that has turned up at the FOX network, showing a guy who threatens USA in the good ol' Al-Queda way. This is a brilliant example of how much power videos and the editors that decides on the timing for running them could have a say in the spectacle around King Kong.

A interesting rhetorical assignment would be to compare the video with those who have turned up earlier to analyze the stilistic similarities and differences.

I note most obviously that the video is shot from two different angles - not very sofisticated, but a break from earlier videos as far as I know (and moreover, should make it an easier task to recognise the guy, from cranial shape etc.)

Watch the movie at your friends at FOX.


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