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New publications with a Danish view

The Royal Danish Defence College is publishing a new series of briefs - probably in the effort of "scientificing" the organisation. There is a number of interesting subjects, The Taliban's Information Warfare written by RDDC's mr. INFOOPS Thomas Nissen, if of particular interest to me.

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I recently attended a briefing hosted by the Danish International Logistics Centre in Vordingborg. Mr. Nissen had the somewhat doubtful pleasure of being the last speaker on a friday afternoon. Though an NCO (and an outstanding one, I might add) Mr. Nissen gave me the impression of an Info Ops community in bloom, centered around RDDC. Should be interesting to follow this one.. Might produce some interesting challenges for those of us with a comission. Take care!

- Valdemar

14/2/08 13:56


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