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I have a deep respect for some of the officers you meet out and about. I couldn't tell you what they're made of, but in Denmark and many other countries there is an element of breeding as a part of the education of an officer. And it seems that when you combine military skills with the humanities, social sciences and even poetry, you cast people of potential. I've met some British officers of this tradition, and a few Danish.

The Times' article on one of the most talked-about officers at the time, Colonel H.R. McMaster (who alledgedly was passed over for promotion, despite his new approach to COIN, Counter Insurgency) is an interesting hint towards this tradition. He appears as an officer able to consider and re-consider, rather than following field manuals and career jockeying. On the other hand, I wouldn't know, but it is worth a read. Leaving now not the way out of Iraq.

On this note: The Danish soldiers are just dis-engaging from Iraq at this moment. Most major Danish newspapers have run personal stories from the war, and I want to write a bit about the the impact on the Danish self-appreciation after this war and the formation of mentality in a nation-at-war.



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