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So I'm a certified academician. With my grade from my dissertation finally in (a good one fortunately), there are no more stops on the long and winding road that I set out on about 10 years ago as I signed up for high-school.

I do like to study, and I will probably sorely miss it from time to time. Especially the romatic thought of having the time to sit down and become smarter. On the other hand I am eager to start doing some good with that knowledge and those skills. And hopefully I'll find something to do where I can still satisfy that need for words and thought.


Blogger nielsmlp said...

Congratulations - well done! Looking forward to joining you on the other side.

Don't forget to update that profile of yours - still says "studying rhetoric" ;)

And where is my copy of the thesis?

30/4/06 19:52


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