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Denmark enters "the League of Nations Whose Flags can be Burned as an Anti-Western-Imperialist Symbol"

The row over the Muhammed-satire continues in many installments. Arla, the big Danish-Swedish dairy company is being boycott and harassed, Palestinian gunmen attacks an EU office to warn of Scandos from territories and a Danish flag was burned - an honor that usually befalls countries such as the US and Israel.

I don't really see any way out of this for the Danish government other than to wait it out. Just like the fad about boycotting France in the 1990s for its Nuclear tests in the Pacific which blew over after a while (and now everybody drinks French wine again), so will this blow over.

However, the real danger, as I have pointed out here before, is that the presence given to Denmark as such, might prompt terrorist-attacks. Denmark has been conferred some security due to its obscurity so far, but as the case gets attention, this "missile-defence-of-smallness" will wear down.

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