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Wolfson House

It seems from the statistics on my homepage that a new batch of students have recieved a place at Kings College London and now are researching on if they are to get a room at Wolfson House.

They will, of course, only find the official glittering material of comely, orderly small student cells in an amicable and clean atmosphere of international students, situated close to the centre of London.

No-one will tell them about hangovers on wednesdays, dirty kitchens inhabited by flies and sour milk, dirtstained carpets, drunk undergrads with mischievious smiles in the elevator.

And however much I thought it would be impossible, I actually miss being in that run-down monolith of Wolfson House - just for the weekend, mind you. I'll go back to graduation in January and ram a stick through its heart. Meanwhile, for all the future students, is a picture of the view from my room an early morning in August.


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